Mac Pro
Beauty outside, functionality inside!

A reliable and fast workstation for photography or
graphics arts, video or sound

Update, 2014: Let us help you design your own high performance system around the 2013 Mac Pro or other Mac via consulting.

The MPG Pro Workstation™ is a more responsive, reliable, and productive computer than most people have ever experienced.

Fast alone is not good enough— fast and reliable and expandable with a backup strategy and support is what we aim for with every MPG Pro Workstation, based on the Apple Mac Pro®.

Support matters, and every MPG Pro Workstation has support provided by OWC, 24 X 7.

Select your Mac Pro model (ask us which one), ship it directly to us, we upgrade and test it cost-effectively, and you can get right to work.

Each request is personalized based on your input, and a personalized consultation is available if you need strategic help on strategy and approach for your needs. And you can upgrade further as your needs grow.

Support worthy of a Pro

MPG Pro Workstation support is provided by OWC. Since OWC configures and tests the MPG Pro Workstation, there is a fast turnaround should a hardware failure occur, to get you working again. OWC can also assist in restoring system function, though users with same-day requirements might wish to add pre-tested spare drives to their order.

Ready for YOU to use out-of-the-box

Your MPG Pro Workstation is delivered ready-to-use out of the box. Unpack it, plug it in, install your apps and get to work.

We also configure various system settings in advance so that you don’t have to. Your desktop is conceptually simple:

Mac Pro rear with added eSATA ports
Boot (system/apps)
Master (your big data)

Fully stress tested

OWC’s engineers perform an eight-hour burn-in of the CPU, the memory, the motherboard and the hard drives of your MPG Pro Workstation. Any parts that fail are replaced and re-tested, virtually guaranteeing your MPG Pro Workstation is rock solid stable out of the box. Learn more.

Built-in data protection

The MPG Pro Workstation leverages Time Machine to provide protection against user mistakes, software blunders and drive failures, using a pair of redundant hard drives. External backups are still needed of course (theft/fire/etc), but Time Machine keeps your data safe on a daily basis.

Depending on which drive(s) fail, some data restore might be necessary (OWC support can assist), but the recommended configuration protects your data to within an hour using Time Machine for up to two drive failures. Other configurations can provide even more fault tolerance if desired. Learn more.

Real backup for your data

Every MPG Pro Workstation is a computer you can properly back up with a minimum of effort. Cloning is our recommendation strategy, and it’s very easy. We can even prepare backup drives for you as part of your MPG Pro Workstation order:

  1. Connect a backup drive.
  2. Clone your system (Boot) drive to BootClone (on the backup drive);
  3. Clone your Master volume to MasterClone (on the backup drive).

We add the missing eSATA interface so that your backups take half as long as with Firewire or USB. Learn more.

Room to grow

Upgrade your memory to the max, or add extra storage. Because the MPG Pro Workstation is not a dead-end Mac, we offer storage capacity solutions to meet just about any need, whether it’s for design, photography, video or sound.